You are awesome reading this.

No, ser­i­ously. I can not tell you how happy I am that you stopped by. Every day I check my web­site stats just to dis­cover that only losers came here. And now you, one of the people on the inter­web that are con­sidered the Crème de la Crème of human­ity. That is so cool.


Storm at Beachlevel

Every year when the first October storms hit our shores you real­ize that wear­ing shorts and flip-flops is not con­vin­cing enough for the sum­mer to stay a lil’ bit longer. Filmed with an iPhone 5 … Read more


Heimlich in Kanada

Als ich mir gestern Abend etwas Reis kochte, weil alles andere was man hätte kochen können nicht da war, fiel mir mein alter Japanischer Freund Kenichi Kitano aus Osaka ein, welcher mir vor unge­fähr 10 … Read more


Kærgård Reisebericht II

Es ist Sonntag, und die Zivilisation, welche ich zurück gelassen habe um dem Ruf der Wildnis zu fol­gen, war­tet mit Hochspannung darauf meinen Reisebericht zu lesen. Ich komme mir ein bis­schen wie Christopher „Supertramp“ McCandless … Read more


Kærgård zum Ersten

Ich steige aus dem Zug in Esbjerg und es hat sich, seit ich in Rantum aufgebrochen bin, zün­ftig eingeregnet. Kein Stottern, keine Pause, schön gleich­mäßige spa­ghet­tistarke Wasserschnüre. Dazu her­r­licher Süd-West. Ideales Radtour & Zeltwetter. Nun … Read more

Award winning local sky

Watering hole

This is a photo I took last sum­mer (or the sum­mer before that) at work. It shows part of our local min­eral water plant “Sylt Quelle” across the street and part of our local award … Read more

Bred and Raised


Since I just deleted all con­tent from this web­site again (I have a habit of doing that from time to time; blame it on my zodiac sign if you want) I had to post some­thing … Read more

One ring to rule them all

One Ring

We were ice skat­ing close to the Puan Klent hostel the other day. This is what hap­pend. One of the best pho­tos I took in a long time, espe­cially because I upgraded nature with that … Read more